Your Future in the World Summit Announcement

***You must register for each event individually. If you register, but are unable to attend the event, you will be sent the recording afterwards. All videos from this years program will be recorded for easy viewing.***

What does your Future in the World look like?

That is what this year’s International Education Summit is all about. We will bring you speakers to inform you of  challenges in the world and career opportunities created by those challenges. You will learn about global issues, but also about a wide-range of global career paths, some unique. Click here to see full schedule of events. 

“Many of you will, but not everyone will, have an international education, an overseas experience, or learn another language.  然而, all of you will be making decisions that affect what happens in our world, to our world and to all of us in it.  The more globally informed those decisions are, the better our outcomes will be.  All organizations are global in some way or another.  It’s a question of recognizing how we fit in and what we do with those connections which matters.  How can we hone our global IQ’s in the coming years which are now and will be full of change, are critical decisions to consider.” – Deborah Schultz, Founder of Trans-Border Solutions

The interconnectedness of our one world is irrefutable.

Currently, we face a pandemic and  global warming, neither of which respects borders.  At the same time, there is displacement of millions of people across borders.  Addressing these problems and others successfully requires a high degree of agreement and collaboration across the world led by informed global professionals and citizens.  We are all inextricably tied together on planet earth.  We need brave new models of cooperation and collaboration. Globalization is changing.

Your global future and ability to address what comes next matters greatly. 

Join us now as we explore issues that matter to our future!

Click here to see full schedule of events.

October 21

9am The Value of Global Competence: View from Young Professionals from U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Amazon Alexa, Green Umbrella, and The Chertoff Group

12pm FlashChat: 德国 Consul General Wolfgang Moessinger

4pm Food is Essential: Examining COVID’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain and Food Insecurity with speakers from Kroger Co.; Le Soupe, and Freestore Foodbank

7pm Languages Equal Opportunity: Language & Culture Career Exploration with Dr. Linda Rouillard, Chair of the World Languages Department at the University of Toledo led by World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio

November 3

7am Local Solutions to Global Challenges: Creating a Green Cincinnati with speakers from Green Cincinnati

November 4

12pm FlashChat: Consul General Bart Twaalfhoven of the Netherlands

4pm A look at immigration and global migration: resources for educators led by Elizabeth Coerdt, 经理, Cleveland Council on World Affairs

7pm After the Airlift: Examining the Afghan refugee crisis post-Taliban takeover with Eric Schwartz, President, Refugee International

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