International Visitor Leadership Program

We host more than 250 exchange visitors annually through the U.S. 国务院’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). IVLP participants travel to the United States for short-term exchange programs designed to build understanding between professionals from abroad and local communities.

通过研讨会, 志愿者活动, 和网站访问, we work with local specialists across disciplines as resources for engaging and informative meetings for international leaders. These are exchange programs that matters and provide strong global ties to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. 项目 explore a variety of careers whether it’s regional trade issues, countering 性别-based violence, cybersecurity or 创业.

World Affairs Council is a member of Global Ties U.S., a national nonprofit partner of the U.S. 国务院.


We have designed short-term exchange programs in partnership with U.S. 大使馆, 政府实体, and universities to create custom professional and cultural exchange opportunities that bring individuals from all over the world to discuss ways to collaborate across borders on global challenges. Our custom exchange programs have featured:

  • Lean manufacturing strategies for Ph.D. 学生
  • Job shadow opportunities at disability organizations and marketing firms
  • Getting to know American culture
  • Workshops on skills such as resume building, 创业, 战略规划, 志愿者, 筹款, 和更多的.

Provide top notch global exchange experiences for your educational and professional network. 联系 詹姆斯·麦克马纳斯, Director of International 项目, for more information.

Celebrating 80 Years of IVLP!

For the last 80 years, the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) has brought thousands of professionals to the United States to cultivate relationships with their American counterparts and address a wide variety of foreign policy issues. Since the first exchange participants arrived in 1940, the network has grown to include over 225,000 alumni and continues to build vital linkages between U.S.citizens and emerging international leaders.

As part of the campaign “Faces of Exchange,” which celebrates the IVLP’s 80th anniversary throughout 2020, we will showcase 80 accomplished alumni, their lives and leadership, and the impact of their exchange on the global community. Our embassies and members of the IVLP network were responsible for nominating each #FacesofExchange alum, and they are excited to share their stories on social media and on our new 交易所网站的面孔.

在周年纪念日的 发布会上 1月16日, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Marie Royce revealed the first two Faces of Exchange: Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 玛格丽特•撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher), and Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. Thatcher’s first exposure to the United States was through the IVLP in 1967, ten years before she was elected Prime Minister. It served as a pivotal experience during her career, and her handwritten note says it all: “Forevermore, I shall be a true friend of the United States.” Prime Minister Ardern participated in an IVLP in 2012 while she served as a Member of Parliament in New Zealand and recently brought her country together with strong leadership, 同理心, 和同情, after the Christchurch shootings in March 2019. One of her fellow participants on the 2012 exchange said that Ardern, “inspired young women around the world, 证明了两个年龄, 性别, nor motherhood are barriers to reaching your fullest potential.” From the more than 500 current and former heads of state to leaders in boardrooms, 教室, 社区组织, 艺术, and NGOs – these alumni are utilizing skills and information gained during their IVLP experiences to build a safer, 更安全的, 更加繁荣的世界.

The remaining 78 alumni in our Faces of Exchange campaign will be announced over the next twelve months and will paint a vivid picture of the IVLP and its impact. You can follow our campaign on social media through @StateIVLP on Twitter, 脸谱网, and Instagram and by following #FacesOfExchange.

About the Author: Diane Crow is a Senior Advisor for the Office of International Visitors in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 在美国.S. 国务院.

You welcomed a stranger and sent home a friend.”
- Madhura米. Chatrapthy U.S. 国务院 International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)